2 Common Ways Residential Garage Doors Get Damaged

Homeowners face many different challenges when it comes to maintaining their residences. Various systems require routine upkeep to continue functioning at optimal levels. Howeverhttp://www.house-o-rock.com sometimes the aging process of materials eventually causes them to become broken or worn out. This situation can quickly happen with parts of the house that get used a lothttp://www.house-o-rock.com including your home’s garage doors. Many homeowners experience two common ways that their garage doors have stopped functioning correctlyhttp://www.house-o-rock.com and these often require the assistance of a residential garage door repair service to fix them.

Broken Door Panels

Garage door panelshttp://www.house-o-rock.com the flat hinged front portions of the garage doorhttp://www.house-o-rock.com can become damaged for familiar reasons. For examplehttp://www.house-o-rock.com wooden doors can crack and break due to exposure to weather over time. Occasionally a driver might accidentally run into the door with a car or other heavy machinery and break the door panel. However it happenshttp://www.house-o-rock.com the damaged garage door immediately makes the entire system unusable. A broken door can also create a safety or security hazard if the door can no longer provide adequate protection for items stored in the garage. If you face this situationhttp://www.house-o-rock.com you can call on a residential garage door repair Brandon FL service to replace the door panel for you.

Broken Cables and Hinges

Garage door hinges must be maintained so that you can open and close the doors effortlesslyhttp://www.house-o-rock.com as should the cableshttp://www.house-o-rock.com which help to lift and lower the closed garage door when you want to enter. Without these two critical components working wellhttp://www.house-o-rock.com the door becomes harder to open. In additionhttp://www.house-o-rock.com broken door parts make the routine task of taking your car out for a drive more unpleasant. Thereforehttp://www.house-o-rock.com it makes sense to ask a garage door repair person to service the hinges and cableshttp://www.house-o-rock.com returning them to top condition.

In addition to the aforementioned common garage door issueshttp://www.house-o-rock.com other problemshttp://www.house-o-rock.com such as faulty motors and circuitshttp://www.house-o-rock.com can also leave you stranded with a malfunctioning garage door. Residential garage door service providers can fix these difficultieshttp://www.house-o-rock.com so your garage entrance becomes a pleasure to use once again.