Things to Consider Before Building an Oak Frame House

Houses with trade oak frames are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. It’s not surprising that a lot of homeowners are building this type of home. It’s beautiful durable and eco-friendly. Plus it takes less time to construct as they don’t need interior walls.

But as with building a new home there are things a homeowner should consider:

Design of the Frame Structure

One of the primary reasons homeowners choose oak frames is its integration into the design. However picking the right frame can be challenging. When selecting a frame make sure you consider things like your budget the number of rooms you want and the home style you prefer.

Materials to be Used

Give careful consideration to the materials you want to use and where. You want to make sure that you pick the best wood for the job and the right processing for the house’s structure and style. You have to decide on:

  • Wood Species: Are you gunning for cedar oak pine or spruce? Your options regarding wood species are limited to the design you chose and the wood’s availability and cost. For example red cedar and douglas fir are quite popular in Canada because it’s durable and prolific in the region.
  • Processing Method: How the wood is processed affects its look strength and longevity. You’ll achieve better results if you use wood that is kiln-dried and thoroughly planned. You can also use green wood but its high moisture content will result in cracking moving and shifting as the structure ages.

Another thing to consider is how and where the timber will be used. For instance if you want your home to be more energy efficient you can either put in a gas fires Stockport chimney or limit double oak frame exposure to gable walls and the porch. Meanwhile aesthetic purposes have caused a lot of homeowners to opt for an oak beam that’s exposed internally with complementary materials like stone and slate incorporated for a gorgeous finish.

Size of Your Home

A lot of property owners believe that room size of oak frame houses is limited to 10 to 11 meters. However you can go for larger rooms complete with gas fires Burnley fireplaces if that’s your preference.

Wood frame houses are developed around bays which are a series of rectangles. These bays make up the box frame and it’s your designer’s job to help make the most of your ideal structure. Your designer will also come up with the best orientation for your home and the proper bay and span sizes. Your designer will also work with you to establish room scale proportions load and roof pitch.

Selecting a Good Builder and Frame Supplier

Designing and building an oak frame house is not generally understood by most architects and builders. Unfortunately the architectural details and careful execution are critical to ensuring the home is made with lasting quality.

Make sure you select a builder or designer who specializes in this type of construction. They should be someone who understands the bays and spans of oak as well as its limitations. What’s more these designers would also have connections to companies specializing in oak frames.

While your designer can recommend an oak frame supplier you are also free to look for another one you prefer. But bear in mind that oak frame companies over varying levels of service. For instance some would supply the materials and erect the structure while others can offer to build the entire shell. Meanwhile there are also companies that provide the full turnkey service.

Your Budget

Oak homes are admittedly pricier than conventional softwood frame structures but that shouldn’t stop you from picking it. You can still achieve this type of home even on a budget. What’s more they are compatible with any high-quality building techniques. There are also steps you can take to keep to your budget:

  • Use oak in select areas like the living room entrance hall or the master’s bedroom. You can then utilize oak beams lintels and details in the rest of the places.
  • Utilize oak frames for primary structures like beams and big posts. Choose a different timber for secondary structures like joists and rafters.
  • Select a Queen post truss instead of complicated brace trusses to minimize cost.

Having an oak frame house is a dream just waiting to come true. There are so many reasons to choose this type of structure. And with the right builder the careful consideration of materials and the proper design you will be able to enjoy and raise a family in such a home.