Top Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Have you noticed leaks in your commercial roof? Are there other issues that need to be addressed?

If this is the case it’s time to schedule commercial roofing St Louis MO. Some of the top signs it is time to invest in this repair can be found below.

Moisture Issues

If your commercial building’s roof isn’t watertight moisture may begin to infiltrate it. If this happens it can cause serious issues with the environmental controls in your building. Water stains on the ceiling and high humidity levels or increases in rodent and insect problems may mean water is entering through your roof soaking through the insulation and coming into the walls.

Increasing Energy Costs

Your roof may lose some of its reflectivity which means the cooling system must work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures inside. Don’t ignore this problem as it is a sign you should invest in roof repair right away.


You will only see this sign of a problem if you get on top of the roof. Usually roof bubbles occur in chemically adhered roofing or built-up roofing. It’s a problem caused by moisture building up under the top layer of material. If bubbles are present you need repairs. Also the worse the bubble issue gets the sooner you need repairs.


Low spots or sagging indicate an issue that may be under your roof’s surface. Ponding that occurred in the past may have compressed the insulation in your roof or there may be a broken deck joist.

Call for Commercial Roof Repair

If you notice issues with your commercial roof you should not put off calling for repairs. The longer you wait the more damage that will occur. Being informed and knowing the most common signs of problems will help you know when you should call for an inspection and repair.