Surprising Facts About Insurance Claims

Whether you’re an individual a businesses a group or a government risk is a part of life. There are a variety of ways to reduce risk such as prevention or outright avoidance.

A common and practical way to manage risk is to transfer it which is usually accomplished through insurance. In the event of insurance claims St Louis MO the insurance policy will respond to the purchaser through the claims process.

Many People Are Unfamiliar With the Claims Process

Claims originate when a claimant has experienced some sort of loss. This may be a homeowner with roof damage or someone injured in an auto accident. When the claim is reported a claims representative will step in and handle the situation with empathy efficiency and due diligence. Even though there are standard and regulated processes in this industry insurance claims are the most visible yet misunderstood aspect of insurance.

Most Policyholders Do Not Know the Specific Details of Their Insurance Policies

Unfortunately most policyholders don’t know what coverages they have actually purchased. Often they know only that they are required to have the policy such as when buying a home or driving a car. Each policy has specific details of what is covered excluded and limited in certain situations.

Many Claims Are Paid but Denials Are More Newsworthy

Denials of coverage are part of the claims process. If the claim investigation reveals that the event or occurrence is not covered by the policy a denial of coverage may be in order. Disputes can arise for a variety of reasons that may gain attention in the media. Nevertheless the policy is only obligated to pay claims that are valid per the policy terms.

Claims are an important part of managing any risk environment. While the claims experience can be stressful it is also a necessary and helpful mechanism to use when faced with loss.